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Ningbo road construction

Ningbo road construction

Mar 14,2014
According to industry news 23 know, news, recently held in Ningbo city's traffic work conference this year, investment in transportation infrastructure construction in Ningbo will reach 18180000000 yuan, except for the highway, highway construction, a total investment of 8880000000 yuan, compared to 2013 increased by 31.67%

This year, Ningbo will be to complete the study, set a new round of upgrading project planning as an opportunity of national and provincial highway network adjustment and national and provincial fast system, accelerate highway construction; complete the "county highway network planning" preparation work in Ningbo City, and optimize the network structure, promote the development of urban and rural a body, forming a complete function, improve the structure of highway road network system.

National and provincial trunk and rural highway construction is expected to total investment of 8880000000 yuan. The China provincial project 2900000000 yuan, the county trunk highway 5600000000 yuan, 380000000 yuan for rural networking highway. The construction of rural networking highway mileage of 200 kilometers (which included in the City Hall project 120 km), improved in 162 villages of travel conditions, serving the new rural construction.

The implementation of maintenance mileage of 400 kilometers, of which the common national and provincial of not less than 100 km (including preventive maintenance of not less than 50 km), Highway 50 kilometers, 250 kilometers of rural roads.

At the same time, completed the municipal, Ninghai, Jiangbei Road emergency rescue center, to start the construction of highways in Fenghua emergency rescue center. Implementation of national and provincial emergency rescue the city within 1 hours, usually within 24 hours after the disposal of emergency events.