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Materials used in synchronous pavement surface

Materials used in synchronous pavement surface

May 26,2014

Synchronous chip seal layer of raw materials used include two types of binders and gravel , the choice of a variety of factors need to be considered road grade , road type , traffic , weather and material supply capability. Selection of raw materials is a critical and important guarantee to achieve excellent performance synchronous pavement surface , which largely determines the design of synchronous pavement surface quality is good or bad . Thus the raw materials selection and testing work is very important .   

 1 , asphalt   

Synchronous chip seal technology , selection and use of asphalt in principle no special requirements . Ensuring proper asphalt spreaders temperature, spread quantities premise , the use of ordinary asphalt, heavy traffic asphalt , emulsified asphalt , modified asphalt can get very good results. It should be noted that the construction is to determine the amount of asphalt seal coat quality is good or bad is a very important factor . Too little of the seal coat asphalt road there may be a serious gravel threshing ; If excessive weeping phenomenon occurs . Therefore, the amount of asphalt to be based on traffic , road conditions , construction and other seasonal adjustments, such as a large amount of traffic on the road should be reduced by 5 % to 10% , with the ratio of the summer and autumn of construction should increase by about 5%.   

 2 , stone    

Stone is one of the important part of synchronous pavement surface , which is mainly exposed to the load of the vehicle, and to provide anti-slide driving role , which should be used in material quality stone . Synchronous pavement surface generally requires the use of counter-attack after crushing ( or hammer crusher ) the resulting rubble, flakiness content should be strictly limited to 15 % or less , and the geometry is better , free of impurities and powder , crushed value does not greater than 14% , and strictly dry after washing , while the stone pH no special requirements.