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New Product Introductions --- with HTF common type asphalt distributor

New Product Introductions --- with HTF common type asphalt distributor

Jun 9,2014

With HTF common type asphalt distributor

In order to meet the different requirements of construction, the company successfully developed with new HTF common type asphalt distributor, can not solve the original common type spray high-viscosity modified asphalt, winter spraying hot asphalt is poor, not less asphalt heating tank remaining, precipitation can not remove bitumen emulsion breaking, asphalt pump cleaning problems and other shortcomings, is more suitable for different asphalt, construction in different seasons, to meet the different needs of users.


1, the tank can heat a small amount of asphalt    

Lower heat setting the main flue, oil sink in the end portion of the heating tube, heating the body in the central flue paid, the heating effect is preferably as long as asphalt tank, regardless of the number, can be heated.

2, can remove precipitated asphalt emulsion breaking     

Emulsified asphalt, often at the bottom of the tank to produce a thick layer of asphalt precipitation will block the asphalt pump suction port, caused by inhalation of asphalt pump will not turn, or blocked nozzles, the car can be heated to be pumped out or discharged from the discharge port, solve this problem.

3, asphalt pump, nozzles, piping has HTF     

The use of hot asphalt, high viscosity modified asphalt, will not "freeze" pump and nozzle live, longer pause midway construction would not have to clean the pump and nozzles. Emulsified asphalt, even if there are a large number of pump breaking pitch, we would not have half the pump can not start a standstill phenomenon.