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Teach you how to choose the right asphalt distributor

Teach you how to choose the right asphalt distributor

Jun 9,2014

Asphalt distributor in highway beautification has played no small role, but we choose asphalt distributor still need to pay attention to high quality asphalt distributor good performance, but also we see. So for asphalt distributor how do we choose?  

In highway construction specifications, the fixed asphalt distributor are there regulations. Different is going to affect their flow asphalt pump speed, for professional engine driven pump bitumen asphalt distributor, its speed and the speed can all be adjusted by the engine. Therefore, the two work closely together to make reasonable adjustments in order to achieve a good sprinkling of cloth effects.      

Therefore, we selected asphalt distributor in the car, do not just look at its external quality, but also based on various performance asphalt distributor, such as asphalt pump flow, and the speed is consistent. As we all know, asphalt distributor emphasis is uniform and homogeneous, as a reference, select a more suitable asphalt distributor.