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Pavement Engineering "Fine" Detailed Construction Graphic

Pavement Engineering "Fine" Detailed Construction Graphic

Aug 29,2014

Pavement Engineering "Fine" Detailed Construction Graphic

l subbase watering before the construction of the embankment were re-pressed

2 Use the connection method to determine the height of the shoe

3 support someone checks completed reinforcement

After four factory covering immediately to ensure no contamination during transport, mix the surface water does not drain

5 two paver distance of not more than 10 meters, ensuring fresh dense longitudinal seam

6 with a 30T rubber tire roller regulator twice, to ensure early pressure does not cause pro package

7 edge pouring grout

8 edge compaction process

9 Use good water retention geotextiles, when coverage will cover all edges

Not yet reached the age of 10 pairs of paragraphs using lateral sprinkler, heavy-duty equipment to prevent rolling

11 grassroots finished

12 homemade cement spreaders, grout can sprinkle evenly cloth, making the combined evenly between layers, and can reduce waste cement

Between 13 layers are linked closely

14 through layer construction with a forest fire extinguisher before sweeping grass

15 manual cleaning pollution

16 base construction increased rubber sheet

17 synchronous pavement layer construction, set the wind wall

18 synchronous pavement surface

19 30T roller compacted layer closures

20 Brushing emulsified asphalt

21 pairs of clean-up rubber tire roller mop be squeezed

Construction of the first 22 were in addition to drum pressure roller锈

23 color of the cloth on the back cover to prevent oil spills

24 stand-alone paving site

25 of 480 large leaf blade replacement

26 Anti-mounted installation

27 replaced the boom, the crane is designed to streamline below

28 increases the feed hopper


Whitening treatment bridge asphalt pavement eight major measures:

When a beam of secondary collection system to ensure that the top surface of the flat surface; 

Two beams when plate and sheet, cross-linked and inter-mesh cloth measuring point, supervision after detecting weld reinforcement; 

3 Concrete Concrete Pavement is appropriate elevation with secondary closed surface to ensure flatness, should be adopted to ensure the convenience of dry hard concrete construction; 

4 waterproof layer should ensure water sealing effect, vehicle No U-turn; 

5 chiseling concrete should be clear to strengthen inspection checks; 

6 pavement top layer with a porosity of less than should be used (4%), compare the best Whetstone Whetstone slightly larger than 1%; 

7 After the completion of the first artificial surface construction with closed segregation, secondary spraying adhesive layer, sprinkle the completion of the first 50%, higher side or spilled hot asphalt fog seal closed; 

8 light traffic using OGFC permeable pavement, heavy traffic in the surface layer can pilot the use of permeable ATB-20 structure, increasing 0.3 percent polyester fiber, improve fatigue resistance, the main deck to the water to drain blocking supplement.