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Do you know what it is the fog sealing?

Do you know what it is the fog sealing?

Jan 11,2017

1. What is the fog sealing

Fog sealing is a relatively cheap pavement preventive maintenance method.


It uses special equipment will have good permeability oil type fog seal material with uniform spraying to the asphalt pavement, fog sealing material can be sealed micro cracks and pores on the surface, the water and inhibit the loose effect, prevent the further aging of pavement.

2. Application of fog sealing

When the asphalt pavement of normal use after a few years, the road began to appear slight fatigue cracking, loss of fine aggregate phenomenon, and its water permeability is greatly increased, surface water will pass through cracks and fine aggregate damage (explicit point) into the asphalt mixture, which further accelerated the damage to the pavement.


Fog seal is usually applied to aging and spalling and other diseases is not very serious road pavement, and have enough space to absorb the emulsified asphalt. In addition the fog seal can also be used for surface protection of the road.


In this period, the road is largely intact highway maintenance period, WeChat warned that if the public number in this period is not timely treatment, will lead to failure of cracking and cracking, potholes and other road. At this time the most suitable for fog seal.


3. Function of Fog sealing effect


Fog seal timely effectively:

Renewing and protecting old asphalt pavement

Seal small cracks and road surface voids

Delays in road damage under the action of vehicles and environment

Reduce the peeling off of the road surface

Reduce rain, snow penetration

Black road surface


4. Fog seal construction preparation

Before spraying fog seal, the road must be clean, and keep the road surface is relatively dry, (if the weather is very hot and dry, need road surface sprinkling).


In order to ensure the quality of construction, the road surface temperature can not be less than 7 degrees C, in rainy days and will not be able to rain when construction.


Before construction, to ensure that the construction equipment in good condition, the nozzle can be set according to the amount of uniform distribution of emulsified asphalt.


The nozzle rod shall be adjusted to the appropriate height and shall be maintained and the pressure pump shall be adjusted to the appropriate pressure to ensure uniform distribution of the pressure.


In the dilution of emulsified asphalt, usually adding water to emulsified asphalt, it can prevent the emulsified asphalt in advance and ensure the uniformity of demulsification of emulsified asphalt diluted.


In addition, the water temperature should not be too low, should be between 25C-50 C.


5. Construction

The spraying temperature of emulsified asphalt should be between 20~60 and C. The ideal state is emulsified asphalt into the road, sealing small cracks and voids, while the road table to maintain the original texture.


It should be noted that in the just finished emulsified asphalt, road surface texture may be affected, but after a period of open traffic, gradually restored.


The degree of dilution and spraying of emulsified asphalt is determined by pavement texture and pavement damage. Sprinkle the finished asphalt emulsion takes time to maintain, and the asphalt into the road, sealing cracks also need some time.


Curing time and pavement condition, the emulsified asphalt type, the degree of dilution, the weather is generally between 30 minutes to 4 hours.