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Advantages of Slip-form Concrete Paver

Advantages of Slip-form Concrete Paver

Jun 25,2019

           Advantages of Slip-form Concrete Paver

  1.Dynamic smoothness is good: because of continuous long-distance paving, the dynamic smoothness of pavement slab constructed by sliding formwork far exceeds the smoothness of concrete slab constructed by artificial small machines. It is difficult for the smoothness of cement concrete pavement constructed by artificial small machines to reach 3M straight ruler less than 3mm. The smoothness level of asphalt concrete can be achieved by sliding construction. At the same time, with the passage of time, cement concrete can be constructed by artificial small machines. The smoothness of the road surface will get better and better.

  2. High strength and high density: Because the vibration of slip form paver is high frequency vibration. Vibration frequency is as high as 12,000 times per minute, which is tens of times of manual vibration. Vibrator of CP6000 slip form paver is hydraulic type. Its advantage is that it can adjust vibration frequency according to the size of concrete collapse in site to make concrete fully vibrated. At the same time, the uniformity of the paver is good (no vibration leakage and other phenomena occur). Secondly, the concrete face slab constructed by sliding form is extruded by self-weight and high strength of paver, which greatly improves the compactness. High density will inevitably produce high strength. We have done comparative tests. The same concrete mix ratio, the flexural strength of sliding form construction is about 15% higher than that of manual construction concrete slab, and it is less affected by human factors, and the construction quality assurance rate is high.

  3. The construction speed is fast and the automation is high: the paver is controlled automatically by the hydraulic sensing system to control the middle line and elevation of cement concrete. During the construction, a series of processes, such as material vibration, extrusion, forming, pull rod and faceting, are completed at one go. On the basis of keeping up with the supply of raw materials, each workbench can complete 800-1000 meters of pavement.

  4. Long service life, low maintenance cost and significant long-term benefits.

  5. Significant economic benefits: With the progress of science and technology, concrete pavement is also widely used in highways at all levels. The reason is that a prominent point of concrete is its remarkable economic benefits. At present, asphalt used on high-grade highways in our country basically depends on imports, which has huge investment and is not conducive to stimulating the local economy. On the contrary, cement is one of the pillar industries in China. Large output, low price and construction of concrete pavement can give full play to the advantages of domestic cement, which not only reduces the cost of construction, but also promotes the development of local economy.

  6. Low-carbon environmental protection, less pollution to the environment.