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Focus on the future? Go!

Focus on the future? Go!

Nov 19,2019

     In November, the labor union of our company organized an outdoor expansion activity with the theme of "focus on the best performance forever" in order to better stimulate the work passion of employees and enhance the team consciousness and sense of belonging of all employees.

     The company's employees are divided into three groups, which compete in team building, ice breaking game, tug of war, handkerchief loss and pushups. In the process of competition, it not only creates a strong atmosphere of chasing each other, but also makes the employees fully realize the importance of team division and cooperation

     Through this trade union activity, every employee's body and mind has been well released, which effectively relieves everyone's work pressure, and at the same time makes every employee feel the warmth of the organization. We are from everywhere. We are together to create a bright future for our company!