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Methods of improving wear resistance of spiral blade

Methods of improving wear resistance of spiral blade

Jul 31,2020

The spiral blade is the main core part of the conveyor. If the spiral blade is worn and scrapped, it is equivalent to that the conveyor is also scrapped without replacing the spiral blade. The main reason for the scrapping of spiral blades is excessive wear. It can be seen that improving the wear of spiral blades is equivalent to increasing the life of the conveyor.

We use spiral blade conveyor to get the service life of equivalent spiral blade through production. The wear of spiral blade mainly includes abrasive wear, oxidation wear and thermal wear

1 The main methods to improve the hardness of wear parts are surface strengthening treatment. Surface strengthening not only improves the surface hardness, but also makes the metal surface have some special chemical properties. The surface strengthening treatment can use arc and flame methods to improve the surface hardness of metal materials. Generally speaking, the hardness is high and the wear resistance is good.

2The spiral blade made by powder metallurgy sintering with polytetrafluoroethylene as the base material, filled with polymer powder or alloy powder and oxide, has high wear resistance, and the annual wear loss is only 0.002 -0.004mm.

3The wear-resistant material should be covered in the easily worn part of the spiral blade. When the wear-resistant material reaches a certain wear value, a new wear-resistant material shall be replaced.

4  The use of the latest high-tech spray wear-resistant coating to increase the wear resistance of spiral blades, improve production efficiency。