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2014 Jilin Province will invest 7.9 billion yuan for road construction

2014 Jilin Province will invest 7.9 billion yuan for road construction

Mar 25,2014
Recently, we from the 2014 Jilin highway management work meeting was informed that this year, scheduling, the highway development of Jilin province plans to invest 10400000000 yuan, of which, put 7900000000 yuan in road construction, highway maintenance investment 2500000000 yuan.

The meeting proposed in 2014 in Jilin Province, highway and rural road good road rate to reach 88.6% and 66.4%, respectively, higher than the previous year 0.1% and 0.2%; in addition to highway signs intact rate of 99%, the existing national and provincial trunk highway bridge risk tunneling transformation rate and tunnel lighting standard transformation rate, trunk road guide signs and accuracy works to repair damaged rate reached 100%.

Focus on the promotion of economic construction and social development and urbanization, highway administration bureau of Jilin province will accelerate the construction of Hui black line, Changji north line, Changqing line and other important economic, tourism highway, focus on promoting the county highway advocate framework upgrading and organizational system village, concentrated destitute areas of upgrading highway, highway 800 kilometers, built rural roads a new reconstruction of cement (Li Qing) road 1000 kilometers.

Around the people's livelihood, highway administration bureau of Jilin province will vigorously perfect road facilities: the national and provincial trunk highway, county road, the main passenger lines and student bus routes, tourist highway as the focus, plans to invest 110000000 yuan, renovation, repair reinforced dangerous bridge 74; plans to invest 92000000 yuan, a complete highway tunnel the transformation of 7 seat, the implementation of tunnel lighting repair transformation 31; plans to invest 57890000 yuan, improvement of high embankment, bends, steep slope safety hidden danger point (section 250), the new warning sign 524, 68000 meter fence; plans to invest 42000000 yuan, remediation trunk road prone to collapse, landslide, debris flow in section 128 at 460 km.