New Product

May 5,2014

Spring is the season of rebirth, switchgrass pumping sprouts million flowers bloom together, Hangzhou, already beautiful as spring wonderland. Not to be outdone in the mechanical horse built this spring abundant, overflowing with vitality, poised to bring green warmth of the staff: ICOM and the new friends! ICOM and the new friends! ICOM and the new friends! Road sector have welfare anymore benefits coming!

The car has innovative design HTF system for rapid heating asphalt pump and piping, reflecting the vehicle's energy efficiency, economy; reasonable structure and layout, load distribution, real-time monitoring of the heating temperature, reflecting the vehicle safe and reliable. PTO power take off, spraying distance, consistency nozzle positioned accurately reflect the vehicle spreaders; coupled with carefully developed mechanical horse built to high-tech, high-reliability, high maneuverability and user-friendly design known as bitumen and other advantages spreaders value benchmark.

Unique and innovative, giving you a new look with a tactile visual enjoyment, conserve your road pavement necessary product.