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General Regulations for Construction of Slip Form Paver

General Regulations for Construction of Slip Form Paver

Mar 21,2019

(1) Slip form paving technology is suitable for construction of ordinary cement concrete surface layer, reinforced concrete surface layer, fiber concrete surface layer, reinforced concrete bridge surface, tunnel concrete surface layer, concrete curb stone, shoulder stone and guardrail of high-speed, first-class and second-class highways.

(2) The width from the side edge of the base to the edge of the slip form pavement should not be less than 650 mm when the Slip form Paver is used to pave the base.

(3) The front bracket method is suitable for the construction of force transfer rod and expansion joint tie bar, and the automatic insertion device (DBI) equipped with slip form paver can also be used for the construction.

(4) Slip form paver should not be used for paving sections whose longitudinal slope is more than 5%, longitudinal slope is more than 6%, plane radius is less than 50 m or super-high cross slope is more than 7%.

(5) When Slip form Paving Concrete pavement, the paver should be equipped with automatic plastering device.

(6) Sliding-form paving machinery system should be fully equipped. The quantity and production capacity of the equipment should meet the requirements of paving progress. It can be equipped according to the following requirements:

A. Lightweight excavators or bulldozers can be used to distribute materials when slipform is used to pave cement concrete pavement without transmission rods.

B. When sliding form paver is used to pave continuous reinforced concrete pavement, reinforced concrete pavement, bridge deck and bridgehead slab, and when force transfer rod steel support and expansion joint steel support are installed in the pavement, lateral feeder or feeder shall be used for the material distribution.

C. Macro anti-sliding structure should be made by grooving mechanism.

D. Soft sawing machine, bracket type hard sawing machine or common sawing machine can be used for surface slitting.